Use Parameters in Tests

In order to execute the same tests with different parameters, you can add parameters to the steps of test cases/checklists.

To add a global parameter go to a test case or a checklist card, set a cursor at the step where you need to add a parameter and type in % symbol, then select a parameter from the list. New parameters can be added right from the test case/checklist card or in the Parameters section which is located in the main menu. Learn more about adding new parameters in Creating parameters article.

After adding a parameter to a step, it will be displayed in the Input Parameters menu at the bottom. It is necessary to specify one or several values for the added parameter. Put the cursor on the Value field and a list of all the available values for the selected parameter will show up.

You can remove parameter values from a test by clicking on the trash can icon. To remove a parameter from a test case, delete its mention in a step.

If you use multiple values of a parameter, a test will be executed as many times as there are values of a parameter are involved in the test case. For example, if there are two values of the parameter in the test plan, a test case would be displayed in the Plan and the Execution tabs as two test points with different values of a parameter.