Add a Shared Step to a Test Case

Use shared steps if you want to reuse a repeated sequence of steps in multiple test cases. A shared step is a type of TestGear work items, and it is stored in the test library. If you do not have shared steps yet, you can create them as work items or convert a sequence of steps in a test case into a shared step. To add a shared step to a test case:

  1. Open a project and select Tests in the main toolbar.

  2. Create a test case or open an existing one.

  3. Switch to the shared steps tab.

  4. Select a shared step from the list or locate it using search, and drag it to the steps field.

  5. Click Save.

The shared step is displayed among the test case steps. You can:

  • Expand a shared step to view the actions it contains. To do that, click the test case. Click one more time to collapse it.
  • Unbind the shared step in your test case to edit the actions as test case steps. Edit the unbound steps of a shared step without affecting the shared step itself. To unbind a shared step, click the button.
  • Copy the shared step. Click the button to copy the shared step in the test case.
  • Delete a shared step. To do that, click the button.
  • Move a shared step in any location in test case steps field. To do that, drag the shared step in the target location.