Work with Widgets

Create Widgets

  1. Open a dashboard and click the button.
  2. Enter the widget name.
  3. In the Chart type field, choose one of the following chart types:
    • Pie chart
    • Trends
    • Horizontal bar chart
    • Table
    • Team
    • Timeline chart
  4. Choose the data source type. Data source types are different for each chart type.
  5. Choose data grouping format. You can choose various data grouping formats for each chart type and data source type. For example, for pie charts with test results data source type, you can group the data by statuses, configurations, priority, and automation type.
  6. Click Save.

For more information about data representation, see Chart Types.

After saving, the widget appears on your dashboard.

Filter Data

Filter the data displayed in the widget to track the stats for a certain period of time, project, section, priority, test plan, or global attributes. To do that, use the button in the top right-hand corner of the widget.

Edit and Delete Widgets

To edit or delete a widget:

  1. Open the widget settings .
  2. Choose Edit or Delete depending on your needs.