Run Autotests from Client Libraries

Create autotest cards automatically by running autotests using testing framework adapters. TestGear supports the following client libraries:

How It Works

  1. An adapter is triggered when you launch an autotest using a testing framework.
  2. You specify test metadata by adding annotations or decorators (depending on the programming language) to the autotest code.
  3. When the autotests are launched, the test metadata is collected from the framework, and from the annotations/decorators.
  4. All collected metadata about the tests and the test run is saved, collected and converted into the format that is suitable for sending via API client.
  5. After collecting and converting, the metadata is sent to TestGear via API client.

After autotest launch, the autotest cards are created automatically. View the newly created cards Autotests section of your project. You can also view the test run details in the Test runs tab. To run the autotests from UI, make sure to link them to test cases.

После запуска вы можете найти карточки автотестов в вашем проекте в разделе Автотесты. Вы можете отслеживать результаты запущенных автотестов на вкладке Тест-раны. Чтобы впоследствии запускать данные автотесты через UI, привяжите их карточки к тест-кейсам.