Create Autotest Cards

TestGear enables you to create autotest cards to run autotests from the test management system, observe test results in the test management system, and link them to test cases to run automated tests from test plans. You can create autotests in the following ways:

This guide shows how to create autotest cards using an API method.

Create Autotests via Swagger

  1. Authorize in Swagger.
  2. In the AutoTests section, open the POST /api/v2/autoTests method.
  3. Click Try it out. The request body opens for editing.
  4. Specify the autotest external ID, the link to the autotest, the project ID, the pre-/postconditions of the test, and the steps.
  5. Click Execute. If the method executes successfully, the API returns code 201.

After you create an autotest using API, the autotest card is automatically created in TestGear. To locate it:

  1. Open the project and go the the Autotests tab.
  2. Switch to Autotests in the navigation menu on the left. This window displays all autotest cards grouped by Namespace and Class. These parameters are passed to the test management system via API.
  3. Open the card of the autotest. It displays steps, author, repository link, and all linked test cases.