Set Up InfluxDB External Connection


Make sure that the version of the external service matches the version specified in the docker-compose.yml file.

  1. Set up the following parameters in the InfluxDB configuration file:

    max-series-per-database = 0
    max-values-per-tag = 0
  2. In the docker-compose.yml file, comment or delete the section with the service (influxdb) you want to replace with an external one. Comment or delete all dependencies on other containers (all instances of the service in the section depends_on), and the volume of the service (influx-volume) in the volumes list.

  3. In the .env file, specify the connection data for the external database, where external-server is the IP address or the DNS name of the server with InfluxDB installed.

  4. Reinstall TestGear:

    docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml --project-name prod up --detach --timeout 120 --remove-orphans