Add Self-Signed Certificates to Containers

Integration with Jira sometimes requires adding self-signed certificates to webapi and rabbitmqcontainers as trusted certificates.

Identify Certificates to Add

This step is described using Google Chrome as an example. Feel free to repeat the actions below in your preferred browser.

To identify the certificates you need to add to your containers, open Jira in your web browser and do the following:

  1. Open connection settings by clicking the secure connection icon in your address bar.
  2. Select Connection is secure.
  3. Click Certificate is valid. A window opens.
  4. Switch to the Certificate path tab to view the certificate required for integration. If there are more than two certificates, you need all of them. If there are two certificates, you need only the first (root) certificate.

Required Certificates

Add Certificates Manually

  1. Prepare your certificates. If you use intermediate certificates, prepare the entire chain.

  2. Run the following command lines:

     trusted_certs=$(docker inspect prod_trusted-certificates-volume --format '{{ .Mountpoint }}'
     cp certificate.crt ${trusted_certs}/
  3. Reinstall TestGear:

    docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml --project-name prod restart

Add Certificates Using a bash Script

You can download and run a bash script to automate the process.

If you experience problems with downloading the file, copy the following commands in a text file

trusted_certs=$(docker inspect prod_trusted-certificates-volume --format '{{ .Mountpoint }}')
Cert=$(find . -name "*.crt")
Cert_count=$(find . -name "*.crt" | wc -l)
echo "'${Cert_count}' .crt files found"
cp $Cert ${trusted_certs}
echo "Certificates copied"

To add the self-signed certificates using the script:

  1. Paste the file into the directory containing certificates.
  2. Set up rights to execute the script:
    sudo chmod +x
  3. Execute the script:

If you do not have access to the volume, you get the no permissions error. In this case, run the script using sudo:



Only if adding certificates to the trusted volumes does not work or there are no certificates, you can disable the certificate check. To do that, open the .env file and set INSECURE_REMOTES variable as your Jira address. Omit the protocol and specify the port. For example,