Manage Your Account



Accept all Cookie files for correct work of the service.

To register in TestGear Cloudopen in new window:

  1. Click Sign Up in the log in form.
  2. Enter your email, login, and password.
  3. Click Sign Up under the registration form. After that, an confirmation link is sent to the email address you specified. Make sure to confirm your email to be able to restore your account.

After the registration, you are redirected to the Workspaces tab where you can create a workspace to manage your TestGear Cloud system.

Edit Your Account

Use the drop-down menu near your profile icon to open Account settings and do the following:

  • Change your email, displayed name, and export personal data in the Personal information tab.
  • Change your password in the Security tab.
  • Manage your Cookies settings in the Cookies settings tab.

Restore Password


You can restore password only if your email is confirmed. For an unconfirmed email, register with it one more time and pass verification.

  1. In the sign-in form, click Forgot password.
  2. Enter the confirmed email the account is linked to.
  3. Use the password restoration link sent to the email.