Assign System Roles

On the System roles tab, you can add roles to users and groups:

  • With the input field, in which the username or group name is written, they are added to be displayed in the table.
  • With checkbox users and groups are given roles.
  • The admin role (administrator) allows access to all system functionality.
  • The user role (user) is necessary to log into the system if the admin role doesn't exist.
  • The project manager role allows to create new projects without access to TestGear administrative part.
  • If no roles are available the user cannot log in.
  • When a user disables a role (by clicking on the checkbox again), thier session is automatically terminated, they will see the login page.
  • The user cannot retrieve a role from himself.
  • When adding a user via AD/LDAP to a group that has roles in our system, synchronization can take 20 minutes.