TestGear is a test management system aimed to enhance the work of QA teams. It enables you to keep your manual and automated tests in a single space and implement transparent reports on quality.

  • Create and easily maintain test cases and checklists in the test library.
  • Unite repeated steps into shared steps and reuse them in multiple tests.
  • Create custom attributes to modify your test documentation with all required data.
  • Use parameters to keep all iterations of the test in one test case instead of duplicating it.
  • Create test suites for various configurations of devices, OS, and browsers.
  • Get system notifications about assignation to a test, mentioning in test comments, or in attributes.
  • Link your autotests and collect reports - regardless of programming language or framework.
  • Launch your autotests from the system using webhooks, view the test run results, and analyze the cause of test failures.
  • Create project roles with custom settings for access rights to the system modules.
  • Seamlessly integrate TestGear with Jira and other PM tools to track issues and user stories.
  • Get reports for manual and automated tests.
  • Visualize project analytics data using project dashboards.
  • Visualize the analytics data for tests, test results, autotests and users in personal dashboards.